We are building an investment approach that is purpose-driven, growth-focused, and partnership-oriented.

Our Investment Approach

We invest in middle-market companies, a segment critical to the overall economy and full of opportunities for outsized growth. Our focused approach allows us to drive strong financial outcomes that can create generational wealth opportunities for diverse communities and stakeholders.

We invest at the convergence of three factors:

Areas of Expertise

Our focus is on healthcare, consumer, and business services where we have prior operational and investing experience.

Untapped Potential

Companies where our capital, expertise, and relationships can unlock growth potential.

Value in Diversity

Businesses where diverse leadership, ownership, or end markets can improve performance.

The 5CP Advantage

Our deep industry knowledge, operator perspective, and strategic relationships uniquely position us to build long-term value beyond financial success.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Our team has combined experience in private equity, impact investing, and business operations in our core industries of focus.

Operator Perspective

We understand the opportunities and challenges of operating a middle-market business. We lead with empathy and provide advice based on experience.

Strategic Relationships

We activate our ecosystem of Fortune 500 executives, industry leaders, and corporate partners to bring outsized resources and opportunities to middle-market companies.


We are focused on building financial success by creating generational wealth opportunities for diverse stakeholders that contribute to closing the wealth gap.

Investment Criteria

We focus on high potential middle-market businesses where we can activate our unique insights and expertise, accelerate growth, and drive value creation.


$10-100 million


$2-20 million

Equity Investments

$5-50 million

Transaction Type

Majority or Influential Minority

Our Commitment

We are committed to sustainable and responsible investing. We fully integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into our investment decision-making process.

We believe in a purpose-driven investment approach that yields strong financial outcomes and contributes to closing America’s wealth gap.