We are a private investment firm redefining impact through financial success

Defining the Next Chapter of Success

5CP is a purpose-driven private investment firm that invests in middle-market companies within healthcare, consumer, and business services that are committed to driving economic value and social impact.

We provide capital, operating expertise, and strategic relationships that lead to sustainable growth, which in turn allows our partner companies to realize their full potential and deliver positive outcomes to their stakeholders.

Impact Through Financial Success

We believe that driving strong financial outcomes supports the economic and social advancement of communities.


A world where next-generation leaders transform how business is conducted allowing companies and communities to thrive.


To deliver superior investment returns for diverse communities and stakeholders.

We Believe In

The Power of Middle Market Companies

To create jobs, impact communities, build wealth, and drive transformative change.

The Potential of Diverse Led or Focused Businesses

To realize the benefits of an increasingly diverse landscape and to lead with those diverse stakeholders in mind.

Considering Future Generations of Business Leaders

To make an impact on businesses that allows current and future leaders to thrive and achieve their full potential.

The Responsibility to Shepherd Something Greater than Ourselves

To positively impact people, investors, and our society as a whole.

Right team, right time.

Our team has the collective experience, relationships, and passion to power successful outcomes and drive real change.